How to become a better storyteller

One hour online Storytelling Coaching

I use a method best described as Fluid Storyguiding.

Let me listen to your idea, your seedling of a story or a fully composed tale which you may have told many times. You will find that my feedback always adds new dimensions to the telling.

10 hours Online Story Coaching

As a storycoach my task is to help you become a better storyteller. The feedback I give you after you have told a story is to help you understand the story better and to reveal hidden gems in the story, so you can tell with more clarity after our session together. 

When I am a story coach, I listen to the presence of the storyteller and I instinctively know where to point out where the real interaction is happening in the story.

One year Online Storytelling Coaching

Storytelling Coaching so you can be a better storyteller and learn how to involve the listeners.

The coaching is designed for non storytellers. So if you are a priest, a teacher, a business leader, a journalist, a communicator of any kind I can help you with your story and the telling of it.

We will organise the coaching so it fits into your schedule. If you are going to do an oral presentaion, we will work on a daily basis and I will guide you all the way up to the point where you tell your story freely and engaging. There will be months where we just meet once or twice.

If you sign in for a year coaching, you will be offered a free space in one of the two days workshops with three other life storytellers that I offer.

Svend-Erik creates a uniquely inspiring and creative learning environment based on trust and expert narrator skills. Svend-Erik has a broad experience based from culture as well as organizational contexts, and brings his great personality to his coaching practice, too.

Søren Buhl Hornskov Videreuddannelsesleder at Københavns Professionshøjskole

Svend-Erik is unique. His levels of energy, enthusiasm, and warmth are unique, and he spreads and injects his enthusiasm. He enlivens people. But also, very importantly, he listens.

Steve Denning, author of six books on storytelling and two on Agile. 

One Day Workshop

If you want to become a better storyteller and want to learn how to involve the listeners.

The price is for one particpant doing an eight hour workshop. If you are a group of ten people, the price will be £120 per person. 

You will learn

  • how to find the good stories
  • create oral storytelling out of complicated written abstracts
  • how to ground yourself and notice when you don’t
  • adjust the story to the listeners. You want active listeners, even if they are behind a screen
  • embody the story
  • find the interaction between words and pauses