Trinity House, Leith, telling stories for a group of Sea Scouts, Spring 2018
Stories under the Tree, The Meadows, Edinburgh, August 2018


I started my career as a professional storyteller in 1994 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then I have told stories under the branches of trees around Scandinavia, at schools in Sweden and Denmark, in festivals around the world and at the dinner table.

My stories are a mixture of traditional Scandinavian fairy tales, stories from the Nordic Gods, fairy tales from around the world, life experiences and stories created in workshops.



Together with wonderful storyteller Alice Fernbank I do GIANTS

Together with talented musician Neil Sutcliffe I do Walk the Oars




Stories under a Tree Kings Garden. Copenhagen 2008


Review in the danish national TV, DR2: “I think it was a love act I witnessed that four people get up and pour out of their energy and their storytelling. I think that was a great, great experience, I simply flew out of the King’s Garden,” Anette Dina Sorensen in a review on DR, TV.





Stories under The Tree, The Meadows, Edinburgh, August 2018






At St. Davids School, Edinburgh, June 2018