with Svend-Erik Engh

and buddies in

The Space

Creative hub

183 Dalry Road, Edinburgh

DuEt with scottish storyteller Tim Porteus

20th November 7.30 pm to app. 9.00 pm

Tim Porteus is one of Scotland’s most renowned storytellers. He will bring a bucket of Scottish Folktales and Myths. Svend-Erik will meet him with Norse Myths and Danish Folktales. An evening of Joy and Love of stories.


Storytelling about fear with Danish painter Stork Majgård

27th November 7.30 pm to app. 9.00 pm

Stork’s paintings full of flying human beings starts the stories.

The two Danish storytellers

tell stories in English that reflects hope in fear.

Memories and Folktales in a Joyful mix.