Let me give you my five reasons why I think Svend-Erik is unique.
No 1. He is someone who knows both storytelling and business.
No.2 He had taken the time to understand the difference between entertainment storytelling and business storytelling.
No.3 He brings an almost unique level of enthusiasm and energy and warmth. He is a terrific performer.
No.4 he is a good listener.
No. 5 He is a funny guy. (laughter)
Those five things is why Svend-Erik offers a unique talents to the business and storytelling scene.”

Steve Denning, author of 5 best sellers on Business Narrative, Washington D.C.

Svend is an amazing storyteller, who can bring alive anything from ancient giants to little girls. His tales always weave an unhurried atmosphere with a full range of emotion, and before you realize it, an hour has flown by. He is also an excellent teacher, who can spot and communicate exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and give accurate and practical suggestions for improvement. He gives the moment his full attention, giving encouragement, building confidence, and demanding more at all times.

Linda Perttula, Storyteller and Tour Guide, Edinburgh

Svend-Erik is not only an authentic and impressive storyteller but also a great, emphatic trainer with the right questions in the right moment.

Zsuzsanna Takács, CEO at KRIO Institute Cell and Tissue Bank, Budapest

Svend-Erik is not only a fabulous storyteller. He is a great teacher and coach as well. He has many talents as a teacher, the primary being his ability to guide you to finding your own way of storytelling. I highly recommend Svend-Erik.

Mads Kristian Mikkelsen, Vandrehistorien, Storyteller and Tour Guide, Copenhagen

We approached Svend-Erik with the job of coaching researchers to develop engaging narratives of their research. Svend-Erik creates a uniquely inspiring and creative learning environment based on trust and expert narrator skills. Svend-Erik har a broad experience based from culture as well as organizational contexts, and brings his great personality to his coaching practice, too. All in all, I can thoroughly recommend Svend-Erik for any professional looking to improve on his/her storytelling skills.

Søren Buhl Hornskov, Academic Staff Development Leader, University College Copenhagen

Svend-Erik is quite simply a master storyteller. Grounded, inspired, and filled with essential insights. Spending time with Svend-Erik is guaranteed to refresh your mind and open your heart to the power of a story well told, and authentically performed.

Michael Margolis, CEO and Founder, Get Storied.

Coherence – Develops understanding of the ingredients of a good story – Better techniques of presentation and understanding of a presenter’s tools.

Peter Bjerregaard, Microsoft Danmark.

Svend-Erik is an inspirational business partner and whenever we meet, new ideas relevant for the project come up.”

Jane Elgaard Petersen, Communication Manager , Maersk Container Industry AS.

Svend-Erik Engh is a creative Storyteller and an expert in his field. I have worked with Svend-Erik in team-building situations, Conferences and other Storytelling settings. I can strongly recomend Svend-Erik when working with internal and external processes in organisations, when creating creative Storytelling designs”.

Andrea Diestel, Project Consultant COK and Bald Film.

Svend-Erik introduced me to the power of storytelling. He is an inspiring colleague and I enjoyed his skills implementing corporate storytelling in organisations.”

Joan Peitersen, PS4.