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Storytelling in organizations - how to craft and perform a corporate story


Develops understanding of the ingrediens of a good story. Better tecniques of presentation and understanding of a presentators tools.

   Peter Bjerregaard, Microsoft Danmark


Storytelling has become an essential skill for managers and organizational leaders because it sparks innovation, builds community, transmits values, shares knowledge, and generates followers and new leaders in an organization.


Many managers, however, have no background in storytelling. In this highly interactive seminar, one of the worlds leading expert in organisational storytelling teaches participants the basics,



  • the elements of an organizational story

  • the purposes for which stories can be used in organizations

  • how organizational storytelling differs from stories told outside an organization

  • how a story should be crafted to achieve specific goals and objectives

The workshop generate new energy in teams and make teams learn about goals and shared values.




Knowledge on how stories transform organizations

Tools to be a better presentator

Team Building

Future Stories


If you want to know more about storytelling 


Free book, download here



2 pages intro made for The Smithsonian Institute 2010


Introduction Radical Management and Storytelling 2011



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