Vikings no. 2, my second blogpost

Hi again. I am going to tell you about a show that I am going to present at The Storytelling Centre here in Edinburgh,. Together with poet/singer/filmmaker MacGilivray we are going to explore the vikings and what the impact of the viking raids here in Scotland.

A thistle is the national flower of Scotland. It is told that an army of Norse invaders in the night was attacking. They were silence and would have invaded the country with no resistance, but one of the norsemen trod on a thistle. His anguished cry roused the slumbering warriors who duly vanquished the invader and adopted the thistle as their national symbol.

More about thistles

The show is called walk the oars because we are fascinated by a viking tradition, where a victory was celebrated by a walk on the oars – Kirk Douglas (1:10 begins the fun!) himself loved to walk the oars on the side of the viking ship. See more here

We will perform the show at the library in The Storytelling Centre from the 22nd of August till the 26th of August at 3 pm.

My first post, VIkings no. 1!


I visisted St. Davids Primary School in Edinburgh with some viking stories. The students had been working on The Apples of Idun for more than a month and their knowledge was incredible.

I told them the story of Thors Journey to Udgårdsloke. It went well, they liked it and after my telling the students showed me a theatre performance of The Apples of Idun. It was amazing.

Hi Svend 

Thanks for a truly wonderful experience with the kids, they were all trying to speak in a danish accent for the rest of the afternoon.
Brendan Creaney, Teacher at St. Davids School

Thanks to the teacher at St. Davids School, Brendan Creaney and Miriam from The Storytelling Centre, who thought of me, when he asked for a Scandinavian Storyteller.

Tomorrrow I am going to tell you about how the vikings walked on oars and how that inspired me to do a performance, I am going to show at The Fringe. I am going to perform together with MacGilivray, scottish poet and singer and filmmaker and …