What have I done?

July 2018 – Stories Under Tre Tree in the Meadows, Edinburgh, Tuesdays at 7:30pm

UCC, Copenhagen, Feb. 2018. One of the researches in the team is testing the story on one of her colleagues. The project is a four months mini-education in communicating hard facts through stories.
Always inspiring and joyful feedback to the stories. Here we are working to find stories for cooperation in an organisation.
Viking Stories at St. Davids Primary School, Edinburgh, March 2018
January 2018, Alice Fernbank and Svend-Erik Engh GIANTS English Language Learning, at Hvalsø Skole, Denmark.
Sea Scouts at the Trinity House, Leith, November 2017. Archie told the story of the danish captain onboard København.
Svend-Erik Engh tell stories of GIANTS, Neil Sutcliffe playing on his accordian, Lismore September 2017
David Francis on guitar, Alice Fernbank with her wonderful voice. GIANTS, Isle of Lismore, Sep. ´17. Photo: Charlie Menzies

Svend-Erik tell stories about the rune stone of Edinburgh

Svend-Erik tell stories from the Nordic Mythology, GIANTS together with Alice Fernbank, TradFest, The Scottish Storytelling Centre, April 2017

Alice Fernbank, a GIANT. photo: Jan Blake
GIANTS is always performed with a local musician. In Edinburgh we were lucky enough to work with wonderful Nicky Haire.
Telling stories at Woodstories Festival, June 2016. Fredensborg, Denmark.
Audience in the sun, Woodstories Festival, June 2016
Book release in the Dome, Copenhagen, 2016.
Christianshavns Storytelling Festival, together with Alex Fersbye I arranged these festivals for three intensive years.


Kings Garden, Copenhagen – for ten years it was my scene. I invited storytellers and musicians and people came from far and wide with their blankets and their coffee/redwine and listened while the sun set over Rosenborg, a castle from 1606. Pure Magic!




I live in Edingburgh and my english is getting better every day. I now tell stories in english and do coaching on a high level in english.