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I started my career as a Professional Storyteller in 1993 and started teaching Storytelling at the same time. Seven years later, I was invited into the world of business. I did my first presentation and workshop at the annual Conference of Corporate Psychologists, Denmark. It was the greatest fun and a kick to see the people coming from the corporate world benefit from my knowledge and to feel the energy generated from the exercises, I developed with my students from 1993 to 2000.


In 2001/02 I was connected to the worlds largest enzymes manufacturing company. Workshops, I was engaged to do narrative analyzes for the new department Biological Business Development and helped them improving their oral communication.


03 - 05: Presentations and workshops in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


For eight month in 06 I was engaged by letpension, a new pension company in Denmark. My major effort was to build up the new team and learned the employees new techniques of communication. I had conversation with every employer and made them realize the values of narrative internally, externally and in presentations.


Associate professor at CopenhagenBusinessSchool for six months in 07  students from the highest level was taught the principles of Interaction as described in my book Tell a Story, be heard, be understood, create interaction and the eight patterns of stories connected to various purposes as described in the work of Steve Denning.


Coherence  Develops understanding of the ingrediens of a good story  Better tecniques of presentation and understanding of a presentators tools.

Peter Bjerregaard, Microsoft Danmark


In 07 I was connected for 4 month to Microsoft Denmark. I coached presentations internally and externally. One of my major successes was that I was coach for the best presenter in the annual meeting in USA that year! My main focus was to let them remember and show engagement and delight about the products and their own experiences with what a Microsoft product can do.


In 08 I was Storyteller coach, worshopfacilitator and film producer on the employer branding web site  for Maersk Container Industry  the web site can be seen on http://www.maerskbox.com/DNA.338.aspx  my main focus was to show the employees enthusiasm about their workplace and let this enthusiasm being showed in small stories, written and transformed to small videos.

Svend-Erik is an inspirational business partner and whenever we meet, new ideas relevant for the project come up.

Jane Elgaard Petersen, Communication Manager , Maersk Container IndustryAS


09: Connected to Dall Energy, a new Biomass Company in Hoersholm, Denmark. I work as the little company´s Coach, Filmproducer and Storyfinder.


09: Finding, crafting and Performing stories within the Ljungby City Council.


Workshops and presentations for

- Rigshospitalet, the largest hospital in Denmark.

- Air France/KLM, ErgoEgo, DTU Scion, Novozymes, Nordea, Sollerod Kommune, Region Aalborg Novo Nordisk, TDC Mobile, Government Department of Economy, IDA, FTF, Danish Bioanalytics, UNDP/IAPSO, Copenhagen. DJOEF,

MIL, Management i Lund, Plan 1 etc.

- Personalepolitisk Messe, KL

- Makani Consults one day event on Storytelling, my presentation/workshop rated 3,8 out        of 4

- Handelshoejskolen, Aarhus, with Soeren Nymark, author of Storytelling

- Fojo, Journalists in Sweden, 2007 -

- Gotlands university 2006 -

- Golden Fleece WashingtonD.C. 2005 - 2009

- Smithsonian Institute, 2008, 2009 and 2010 (sold out all three times with fantastic reviews)


Steve Denning


June 2001 I participated in masterclass with Steve Denning and asked if he could be interested in doing a three month education for business leaders. He said: Why not? That was the beginning of a fantastic cooperation together with a man, that is now one of the worlds leading voices in the field of organizational storytelling.

Together we have

 -        arranged workshops, one day or longer in Denmark and Sweden

-         lead workshops and started storytelling processes in Novo Nordisk, Danfoss and othermajor companies in Denmark

-         arranged workshops in the best universities incities spread around in Denmark.

-         started the Golden Fleece Copenhagen at theCopenhagenBusinessSchool

I am Certified Practitioner Steve Denning Leadership Storytelling

Listen to Steve Dennings praise of Svend-Erik here

Written material

-         Information 1996

-         Leadingcapacity, a web site for leaders

-         Retorical Magazine

-         The Book Tell a Story, Be Heard, Be Understood, Create interaction, Fokus, 2006.



Svend-Erik Engh, Venlighedsvej 2, 2970 Hørsholm - svend.erik.engh(att.)gmail.com - tlf. (+45) 2445 8151

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