Springboard Stories in Agile

Springboard Stories in Agile

Storytelling in Agile!

A very intense and constructive workshop yesterday with strong reflections on how to use the Springboard Story concept in Agile settings.


The first question was to find the personal springboard story. What story made you go Agile? When you start with a personal question and let

people talk about their own life, something happens in the room. The intensity and the concentrate listening was joyful and full of new knowledge given and taken.  for more on the importance of personal stories: http://svenderikengh.com/washington.pdf




The second question was to find a Springboard Story for your working life.

  1. What is the change idea? Reachable, desirable and concrete.
  2. Tell a story where this change idea is already happening. The past shows the ways of the future.
  3. Link it to the present – “Imagine if …”

See Steve Denning´s template: http://www.stevedenning.com/slides/Template-FullSet-Sep06.pdf


The third question was to give examples of a way to make the client tell stories when you meet them.

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