Svend-Erik Engh

Svend-Erik Engh

Princess Grumpy and the Talking Elephant

Stories under the Tree

– a young man at heart coming up to Scotland from Denmark to breath some fresh air and work on new ideas.

In Denmark I was a Højskolelærer, Storyteller, Writer, Business Storytelling Coach (the only Licensed Practitioner: Steve Denning Leadership Storytelling in the world!) and a father.
My children are grown up now and I needed to be more happy that in my latest year in Denmark.
I also had an aorta dissection, nearly killed me in October 2016.
So now I am here in Edinburgh, where I live with my partner Alice Fernbank, also storyteller colleague.
I like the town, I like the highlands and Pitlochry and the Water of Leith and the people here in Scotland.
This spring will see from my hand and brain and heart:
  1. 1. Author of the children book Princess Grumpy and the Talking Elephant  with Alice Fernbank and Lasse Bo Christensen.
  2. Lead five afternoon sessions Wednesdays (Odin!) in May on Myths at The Storytelling Centre together with the leader of the Centre, Donald Smith – inspired by danish school reformator Grundtvig we will explore “Which mythological sources inform our sense of Scotland through land and people? Explore some of the big defining tales, and their influence on poetry, song, and story. What do these myths mean for us in the present and future?”
  3. Stories under the tree,  storytelling every Tuesday (Tyr, one handed Nordic God!) evening in June, July and August. Under the branches of the sycamore tree next to Prince Victor Albert Sundial in The Meadows, Edinburgh. – see MAP
  4. An album on Spotify with my Lyrics – a revisited version of the album Carol with my friends band “Wet Parsnip”. Hear the hit song “Between now and then” in the old version here
  5. The show “Walk the Oars” with Glasgow musician and singer Neil Sutcliffe is going to Sweden and Denmark. Ljungby Storytelling Festival in Sweden in June and The Vikingshipmuseum in August.
  6. The language learning project GIANTS is going to Roskilde in Denmark and also Ljungby Storytelling Festival.
  7. Walking tours in Edinburgh and Scotland
  8. Walking tour in Copenhagen the 24th May

Walk the Oars – Vikings in Scotland

Lorna Shields : Really one of the best things I’ve seen at the fringe this year! As I said to my friend… ‘ I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t know it was going to be this good‘ …. blown away – like the wiking ship, and those billowing sails!

Anne Hunter: I loved loved ‘Walk the Oars’ such an evocative and beautifully paced hour on the sea in a Viking ship and I’m still feeling the exhilaration of walking the oars

4 star review in “Walk the Oars is a treasure, an ancient oasis of delight in the sea of the modern world. The whole thing is engaging and exciting, and rekindles a semi-lost fire of storytelling.” Imogen Rowe,

Ljungby International Storytelling Festival, Ljungby, Sweden, Saturday 15th June 1:30pm

Edinburgh Fringe, Scottish Storytelling Centre, 21th to 25th August 3pm

GIANTS – for Adults, for Children, for Language Learning

I perform together with Alice Fernbank in the storytelling project GIANTS – we do performances, Language Learning Workshops, Workshops to find your inner GIANT.

Ljungby International Storytelling Festival, Ljungby, Sweden, Friday 14th June 7.30pm